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Blue Island Press

PREPURCHASE Denise Painter Large Calendar 2025

PREPURCHASE Denise Painter Large Calendar 2025

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Denise Painter’s creative journey commenced in 1993 when she decided to be a ‘stay at home mum’. Denise began to explore creative possibilities and enrolled in various courses such as Colour and Design and Graphic Design, and more recently Visual Arts at TAFE.
Over the last 25 years she developed a unique style and now loves to create works using Collage and Mixed Media techniques. Her works are handcrafted or created using digital techniques.
She loves to explore the possibilities of the abstract and the surreal using colour as an integral part of the piece.
Einstein is quoted as saying “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”.
Three years ago, she moved from Sydney to Toronto, Lake Macquarie where she has her Studio: YouCreate Studio & Gallery and holds workshops and classes. Large Wall Calendars measure 320 x 460 mm and has large diary boxes with the image. They are twin loop wire bound and hang from the top.

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