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Urban Rituelle

Urban Rituelle Natural Remedy 100gm Shave Cream

Urban Rituelle Natural Remedy 100gm Shave Cream

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Urban Rituelle NR 100gm Shave Cream

Made In Australia Natural & Organic Ingredients Carefully Crafted With Botanical Extracts






Naturally fragranced with Mandarin, Lime & Neroli essential oils.

A rich & soothing shave cream with calming Aloe Vera* to protect from razor burn and hydrating Shea Butter* to provide a creamy lather & enhance shaving precision. Avocado oil* promotes healthy skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Allantoin* helps alleviate skin irritation while providing a protective barrier for chafed skin. Licorice extract*, known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin tone, while Hops* extract protects skin from irritation & discomfort. Botanical extracts of Green Tea* & Chamomile* soothe & calm irritation. Enriched with vegetable Glycerine* to soften the hair follicles & to lubricate the skin for a clean, smooth shave. Suitable for both men & women. 

*Naturally derived ingredients // 93.9%

100% post-consumer recycled PET jar

100 gm / 3.5 oz

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